I'm glad that Gijs has always remained Faithful to Grandmother and through this became a True inner Cook,
who can serve you the inner meals in a funny, interesting, tasteful but also in a spicy way.
That's why I've asked him to supervise and take care of the matters that have to do with the book
and give answers to the questions people can have.

Kind Regards, Tini Largegarden

"The Book Of Love" - Songwriters Stephin Merritt -The Magnetic Fields

This is the way how I Hear and See the hidden Meaning in this song.

The inner Book of your True Love can, in the eyes of many people, come across as long, boring and Heavy. If you want to Free yourself from your mental Slavery one day, which is being Practiced by your and man's Fallen inner Father and Mother (higher self/ego), you will not be able to get around Dismantling and Completing The Book and through this Become again (Redemption Song-Bob Marley). For this purpose you will have to start the True Search one day, to Become one again with your Lost First True Eternal Love, but this Job, by definition, doesn't have to be long, boring and Heavy. Finding your First True Eternal Love again, is just as easy as it is hard and just as hard as it is easy!

To be able to Understand the Numbers and Facts of your inner Sea Chart, which can lead you back to the Deepest Place in your Soul, where your First True Love Lives, you have to Hear The Silent Call first. Only then She/He can Give you the Instructions, through your inner Grandmother, to be able to Dance over your Soul Waters with Her/Him, like it once was. Now you can say that you Love it when He/She reads something to you from the inner Book of your True Love but then, to Really Understand the Instructions, you need to tune your Hearing to the Silent Call first.

The inner Book of your True Love is where the music Really comes from and out of which the First Song, in the form of the Silent Call, was Born (I write the Songs-Barry Manilow). The only downside is, that the True Meaning of the Silent call in the song, by no longer Hearing it, has gone Lost (It's the same old song-Four Tops).

The Instructions from the inner Book of your True Love are all Transcendental, but by Hearing the Silent Call and consequently Seeing more, you will Understand the True Meaning better Step by Step. Only then you will gradually See, that there are no dumb things in it. To begin with, I am glad that you Love it when He/She Sings something or anything to you. The next step should be, that you have to Hear and Understand the Transcendental Instructions, to Dismantle the True Reason why the same old song got a different meaning since She/He has disappeared out of your life.

The inner Book of your True Love was Written by your Lost First True Eternal Love “a (Very) Long Time ago” and is waiting, in the Place Deep in your Soul, until She/He can Open The Door to Give Back your True Eternal Youth. With this I am only trying to say, that the flowers or heart-shaped boxes are, of course, fading as soon as you are being Flooded with the True Gifts you will receive, after The Door has been Opened for you.

If you keep on believing that you are too young (Too young - Nat King Cole) to be able to Truly Fall In Love with your First True Eternal Love, something which certain people or authorities want to make you believe, you also have to stop wanting to receive things from Her/Him. But it's True, She/He only wants to give you the Wedding Ring, after the Heavenly Wedding has been Performed, to be able to close and put away the inner Book of your True Love.

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok        In the name of Tini Largegarden

Catch & Release – songwriter – Matt Simons

This is the way how I Hear and See the hidden meaning in this song.

There is a Place you have to go to eventually and where Only your First True Eternal Love Really Knows you. There you won't feel Lonely for the First time in this life and actually is a Necessary thing. You haven't made up that Place because it has been around eternally, but you probably Heard the Silent Call of your First True Eternal Love, through which you are able to find out who you Really Are. You will count stars for many nights and think about it, but it's Really about finding the “Unreachable” Star (The Impossible Dream) again.

When you Hear the Silent Call, it will feel like you're being flooded by your own Soul Waters. So you are ready to start your Journey, but always keep your feet firmly on the ground without keeping your head in the clouds! And then your First True Eternal Love, with the Help of your Inner Grandmother, will Guide you back to the Place, where, after getting The Door Opened again by your “Unreachable” Star, your own Life Mystery will be revealed. Remain steady on your Path and don't worry about losing the sense of time, because the place you're heading for, knows no time. Take it all in and then You will Wake up and Realize that there's something much Bigger. Gradually you'll be Hearing and Seeing more and with Confidence steadily continue on your Path, until The Door is being Opened.

Everybody has their own motives and way of behaving, but never forget The Reason why you're Actually here. That's why it's so Important to Sieve out which is unnecessary and the things you have to hang on to which you'll need in your daily life and The True Reason (The Reason – Céline Dion). The Reason (First True Eternal Love) will then slowly become Tangible again in your body and transform in your blood. With your True Love you can definitely talk about the True “forbidden” Secrets to Remind you again, how to Love Truly.

There is a Place you have to go to eventually and where Only your First True Love Really Knows you. The more you Breathe It In and Out, the more you are Restoring the Relationship with your True Love Deep inside yourself. Something must Die to make Room again for your True Love (Killing me softly with her/his song – Andy Williams) and that can be Terrifying, but also Clarify more and more that you will See at the end of your Path, where once The Eternal Fairy Tale Began.

While becoming Conscious of The Reason why you're here, you will let It wash over you and Throw Overboard and Spiritually let go of the remaining, unnecessary Dead Weight. And then you'll be taken to The Place where, once again, after getting The Door Opened by your Lost First True Eternal Love, Her/your Life Mystery will be revealed.

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok        In the name of Tini Largegarden

Jihad literally means 'effort focused on realizing a certain goal'.

A distinction is made between inner and outer jihad.

Outer or little jihad and Inner or Big Jihad

I find it strange that people are often talking about striving for Peace but at the same time keep on occupying themselves with the Little jihad. I doubt if the Will is really there to work on True Peace. It's namely much easier to keep on squabbling with for example your relatives or your neighbours or with ulterior motives, wherever in the world, putting up a struggle or even waging war. I can imagine that the reason would be ignorance but now it's about time that people, through Self-Analysis, start occupying themselves with the True Big or Inner Jihad to really start working on True Peace.

Everyone is familiar with the Struggle inside himself which, thanks to Tini, I soon started seeing as a True Jihad.
The Reason why this Struggle is being put up, is what it's all about! It still remains a little jihad if it's about things like for example eating nothing or less for a little while or quitting smoking, which indeed could have a positive effect on body and mind. With these kinds of things you are able to taste a little what it's like if you're being stern with yourself. This whole spectacle is, positively or negatively speaking, still being directed by your higher self (conscience). Although there are things, which the higher self lets you carry out inwardly or outwardly, which often could have a positive effect as long as it lasts, it has Nothing to do with the True Big Inner Jihad. The fact remains that those actions in general finally end in outer drama and for the one who has caused the drama, it causes a Drama inwardly. The conscience (higher self) just plays a game (spectacle) with everyone and unfortunately the conscience tries to maintain this for your True Self as well.

For the True Big inner Jihad it actually revolves around the fact that the conscience (higher self) has to become Aware again of The Knowing which he has once Known and that he is forgotten for his own good, but somewhere in the back of his mind still Knows. This True Big inner Jihad can't start until the inner Child of the fallen trinity (the inner Child and the inner Father and Mother) starts Hearing the Silent Call and a Recollection revives of The Knowing of their True First Eternal Love, when things were still Alright.

The next step for the inner Child would have to be speaking to the heart of the outer Child (You) who carries out and Set off together to Reconstruct everything to how it once was before the Fall and become one again with Your True First Eternal Love. With this Revolutionary inner motive the higher self (inner Father and Mother) doesn't agree because They don't want to change in order to keep their power. To convince and Convert their way of thinking, the True Big inner Jihad is needed, which everyone actually Knows. You do need the Courage of the True Hero to Visit your inner Grandmother (The Innocent Knowing) again, because She is the only one who can Safely guide you back to your True First Eternal Love.

The True Jihad Warrior works inside and on himself, to Free himself from the little jihad. If he Frees himself of the little I thinking step by step, he will transform into The True Big I thinking and eventually he can only have a Big Heart for everyone. That outer jihad from then and now has nothing to do with The True Jihad Warrior, who inwardly deals with the Jihad between his Passing Strangers.

The emotional scenes which an outer married couple goes through in the song (I hate you, then I love you), you inwardly go through as well when the Silent call, from The Nothing, points out to you that you're imprisoned in the power and control game of the ego or higher self, and not until then an inner Revolution can come into being. This inner Struggle (Jihad) between the Passing Strangers I called the dualistic Struggle and this one can only be solved by visiting the Innocent Knowing again. Of course then something symbolically has to Die (make Room) but at the same time you could be Afraid of death (Loss), the emptiness and the loneliness, which could hide behind this. That's why the Belief “that there's something Else”, namely Your True Love, especially in the beginning is Very important. It's not so strange that the person who assumes that the higher self is his one and everything, thinks that it's impossible to live without them. It's actually more about living without their traits and that's why you have to let that piece Die little by little (Killing me softly with her/his song).

For most people it's an “eternal” Struggle and that might be the reason it's called the impossible Dream. That which you grasp again and again, out of Fear for the emptiness of The Nothing, is what you have to conquer on your way to the unreachable Star, to eventually beat the unbeatable Foe so that the impossible Dream doesn't have to remain impossible. The Nothing, where Your True First Lost Eternal Love is waiting behind Her Door is not an impossible Dream, but you shouldn't just philosophize or keep on dreaming about it.

The more the ego inside myself Died (Killing me softly with her/his song), the Purer I started Hearing the Silent Call inside myself and I was allowed to start Seeing more things. That's why the Very First Song was the Silent Call (I write the songs). In this world, because of the surroundings in which you live, but also because of the inner Struggle (Jihad) with your own higher self/ego, it will definitely not be easy to get Mona Lisa's Door (androgynous) Opened again. On top of that the dreams, which are the reason why you're knocking at your True Love's Door, often still are aimed at the ego (higher self), and because of that Die on the pavement in front of Her Door. Regaining The Love is Hard, otherwise the Nothing wouldn't mean anything. (Love is hard!- James Morrison).

After getting The Door Opened, the eventual Reward is of course of an entirely Different Nature than the ones I often hear coming up like for example: By the help of a human being I have become a new born Christian or the 72 virgins who would get the outer jihad warrior in heaven after his martyr's death.
The True Reward, after getting The Door of your First True Eternal Love opened, is that you are being Reunited with who you Truly Are and are able to say again: I Am. Actually, after this Reunion something Virginal takes place, namely after this twofoldness has become one again, out of which Virginally the True Trinity can be Reborn and the Original Trinity is Restored. This is called the True second Birth after which you'll get the True Eternal Youth back again and one could call it The New Human. On top of that there's the Reward of being Freed from the outer little Jihad and Tasting the Feeling of Freedom from this, as long as you pay attention to not making the same mistake again by thinking to know everything better again and forgetting that you need The Innocent Knowing (inner Grandmother), to not lose this Freedom and Bliss again before your earthly death.

I can only say that the world would be a much better place, if man would integrate himself “guided by Grandmother” with the one he or she once had been Really one with. The Passing Strangers inside man would then become one again and as a result everything would turn out Fine and True Peace could return again.
Love could Blind the sighted, but The Love makes the Blind See!

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok        In the name of Tini Largegarden

Dear Beyoncé,

Attaining the True Alchemist's Gold by becoming One again with your First True Eternal Love.

I enjoyed reading the piece in which you explain why you have called your album Lemonade, but what I liked even more was the touching wise story of your grandmother. So she passed the recipe down to her daughter, of how to make lemonade out of lemons, et cetera, but also how you can spin Gold out of your hard life and that's why you called her the alchemist. I called Tini, my Best friend and “adoptive” mother an alchemist too at the time, while she was preparing ice tea in her kitchen.

Then she told me, that the True Alchemist's Kitchen Lives with my inner Grandmother (The Innocent Knowing) and that I, with the Courage of the True Hero, had to Visit Her inwardly again. Through Her you get the Guidance, to turn the experiences and lessons, which you are getting in your hard life here and now, into Wisdom and which can be used as an Antidote, to Heal your inner Wound. Because of this the opportunity arises to really Transform the Demons (the voices), which they (fallen inner Father and Mother) gave you, into the inner Alchemist's Gold (First True Eternal Love). And subsequently you'll get your True Voice of the Silent Call back, of which you thought that it had Died a long time ago (Listen). And then, after being Reunited again with your First True Eternal Love, you will be able to say: I Am, and I have Broken the Curse with my own two inner Hands!

I am coming to this point, because already in 2006 you sang in Listen: There was someone here inside, Someone I thought had died, So long ago, your Lost First True Eternal Love, I assume? Of course at that time it was about a movie, in which Deena's manager manipulated her and on Oprah you said, that many women can identify with that, whatever the situation might be but this goes for many men as well. To Really be able to solve these problems, inwardly and therefore outwardly as well, first of all, you have to start Hearing the Silent Call of your True Voice again. Subsequently, again with the Courage of the True Hero, you have to Visit your Inner Grandmother again and Faithful to Her, letting yourself be Guided Back to your Lost First True Eternal Love. Grandmother is the one who can Safely Guide you back to your True Home because She (The Innocent Knowing) doesn't get distracted by some voice and she can give you the Tools (Good Power of Discernment), to not do this again either.

Now, 10 years later, I have Listened to the songs of Lemonade and Read the lyrics and this time it's not a manager but someone else for whom you have found a voice as well but apparently not yet The Voice (Silent Call) of your Lost First True Eternal Love. That's why I have Translated the song Listen and several songs from the album Lemonade, into how you could Hear and See the lyrics as well.

(Now it can be Told-Irving Berlin) Now the time has come to not only cool down through using your inner Strength and turning lemons into lemonade (alchemy), but also become One again with your Inner Gold (Lost First True Eternal Love), True Alchemy. (Stay Gold – Stevie Wonder)

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok        In the name of Tini Largegarden

Beyoncé - Listen, from the Broadway Musical Dreamgirls, Live at Oprah 2006 3.33 min. on You Tube

This is the way how I Hear and See the hidden Meaning in this song.

Beyoncé explains here that Deena is the girl who was manipulated by her manager and who lost her own opinion. Many women, and believe me, many men as well can identify themselves with this story. In the movie, when Deena gets to the song Listen, she has found her own voice back to give her reply to her manager.
What I would like to tell you about the Story hidden in this song is, that you have to find back the One where the Silent Call (True Voice) comes from, in the Deepest place in your Soul, your first True Eternal Love, to really make a difference. You're not only getting a voice back, for example, to give a reply to your manager, but also to give a reply to that, which is hidden inside of you and which tries to prevent you becoming One again with that First True Eternal Love, which was once Lost.

Listen, to the First song (Silent Call) in the Deepest place in your Soul (I write the Songs), a melody you are able to complete (The impossible Dream-The Quest) for certain. It's the beginning and the only way to find True Liberation.

The time will come that you start Hearing your True Dreams (Silent Call of your True First and Internal Love), because for a long time you have been too Deaf and too Blind to Recognize It and that's the Reason why you thought It had Died long ago. First of all, you only have to Recognize inside yourself, who wants to turn around and push away your True Dream (The Quest), because They (fallen Higher Self, inner Father and Mother) no longer want to Listen to the Silent Call from your Lost True Love.

When you have ended up at a inner crossroads, you would, after Hearing the Silent Call, no longer be on your own, but together with your True Soulmate (Inner Child) you could start the True inner way back to your True Love, because you have Recognized that you are no longer at Home in your True Home, together with your lost First True Love (inner Passing Strangers). Therefore let your Inner Child, after Hearing the Silent Call of your First True Love, visit your Inner Grandmother again. She is the Innocent Knowing and the only One who can guide you back to the Place were the Silent Call comes from.

Then the time has come that you are able to say Truly, I am Changing and trying to understand how it all fits together and for this I need a Hand from a Friend (True Soulmate). You will See everything much clearer and you will Understand that you have been a fool who took the wrong way at the crossroads in darkness, but The Fool has Recognized that he has been a fool and starts his Journey with his Soulmate by the hand, True to Grandmother, back to the Light were he will be able to See again.

They (Higher Self) know and don't like it that you are done believing them and don't want to follow the voice they gave you and that you want to find your True Self (inner Passing Stranger) and are able to say one day: I AM! If you could manage that they (Higher Self) after the conversion, would Listen and Work together with your inner Child to Restore the lost Love with your inner Passing Stranger (True Eternal Love), then you are on the Right track back Home again.

From that moment on, you will no longer be Alone on your inner crossroads and at the same time you will be on your way back to your Real and Eternal Home, Deep inside your Soul.
And then one day you will Know where you Belong and who you Are and are able to say again: I AM!

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok        In the name of Tini Largegarden

"Don't Hurt Yourself" - Beyoncé – (feat. Jack White)

This is the way how I Hear and See the hidden Meaning in this song.

Don't hurt Yourself by inwardly remaining a Passing Stranger of your Lost First True Eternal Love.

This is what it's really About, by not tormenting Yourself by remaining Separated from your Lost First True Eternal Love. There the question arises which you have to ask Yourself: Who Am I Really?

You are actually The Lion Queen, who is waiting Deep inside yourself until you become One again with It! If you don't want to Hurt your True Self in this life any longer, you can Set Out together (Individually) with your partner or alone, back to your True Home, where your Lost First True Eternal Love Lives.

If you choose to do this Project alone, you don't need to worry that you might feel Lonely, because you are namely doing this with a broad inner Smile, Together with your True Soulmate (Inner Child).

In this Project (True Alchemy), of course, it's mainly about Recreating Yourself again and becoming That Person of whom you thought, that she had Died a long time ago (Listen), namely your Lost First True Eternal Love.

To Really Understand and Experience that, if you are lying to someone or playing a game with him/her, you are Hurting him/her and your True Self with that and if you Really Love someone, you Love Yourself as well, then First start Loving your Lost First True Eternal Love Inside Yourself again.

Let the dragon Breathe in the inner Fire of the Silent Call, to start with the True Transformation. Because of our ego we all are lions and lionesses (Scar) and “proud” already, but the True Quest and the Completion of The Alchemist's Project, to become One again with our Lost First True Eternal Love, turns us into True Lion Kings and Queens, who have a Big Heart for everybody.

Part of this is, of course, that Deep inside yourself you will start Loving your True Self again, where the True Lion King/Queen is Residing in The Nothing.

With that you can together or alone, with the Courage of the True Hero, after becoming One again with your Lost First True Eternal Love (The Reason-Celine Dion), reach the Highest Goal possible on earth.

Then you never have to say again that love makes Blind because:
Love can Blind the sighted, but your First True Love, makes the Blind See again!

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok        In the name of Tini Largegarden

Why doesn't God do anything about all the misery and evil in the world?

I hear that people often wonder about why God doesn't do anything about all the misery and evil in the world like for example natural disasters, hunger and wars. I hear more than enough people giving explanations about the causes of natural disasters, what the possible reasons of this could be and one is probably right about that. But on the other hand, mother nature does exactly how She pleases. This has always been the case, and that's why I don't wish to discuss this any further.

What I want to say something about now, is that you shouldn't constantly take the easy road by asking the question why the True inner God, Residing in the True Heaven in The Nothing, doesn't do anything about the misery and evil in the world. Anyway, it's abundantly clear, that this fallen inner god, residing in heaven/hell (In-Between World) in man, here and now, doesn't do anything about all the misery and evil in the world. For me the question “why not?” comes to the surface. What it's really about is, that humanity tries to find out through Self-Knowledge, what man does himself and allows in his surroundings and the world (Get Up Stand Up-Bob Marley).
The Questions you need to start asking yourself then are of course: Who Am I Really and what am I Doing here?

By starting to Work hard at that and preferably everybody, you will obtain the Wisdom to start Seeing, that now, for the majority of humanity, an inner fallen “smart/sly” deity (higher self/ego) is at work who lets us carry out things, that cause, allow and maintain all the confusion and misery in the world. At the same time you will gradually start Seeing, that we ourselves, individually, are also able to carry out the Will of the True God, to prevent or solve all this confusion and misery and evil in this world. This is the True Reason and the Assignment of us being here and the Name of The True Game that we have to Finish here and now, in order to gradually Find out, how it all Works again. This doesn't mean, that the True God in The Nothing, (your Lost First True Eternal Love) and the Mother of the True God in the Eternal Nothing (Grandmother of your inner Child), don't want to Help you and your inner Child, as long as you are Truly Open to this. The teacher at school will help you if you can't manage something on your own, but other than that you have to do it yourself. This applies to your True Life Assignment as well, you only need to develop a Good Power of Discernment to Know, Whom you are asking your Questions inwardly, Whom you are Listening to and then hopefully you will carry it out as well. But for this purpose your inner Child first has to start Hearing The Silent Call of your Lost First True Eternal Love (True God), from the Deepest place in your Soul in the Nothing.
See Genealogical Tree of the Eternal Fairy Tale.

To make it Tangible for man, in most of the songs, The Silent Call is also hidden in the lyrics of the song. The pity of it is, that most people can no longer Hear this either, because the lyrics in the song got a different meaning (It's the same old song-Four Tops) since they have become a Passing Stranger to their Lost First True Eternal Love. If at a certain moment you start Hearing the Silent Call and subsequently you start bothering Your inner fallen Father and Mother deities (higher self/ego) with the question, who She/He (She-Charles Aznavour) is, they will do everything to Convince you, that She/It is the Beast and not the True inner Beauty. In this world the majority of the people are in a position, in which the Coachmen (higher self/ego or the inner fallen Father and Mother deities) of your carriage (your body/mind), want to keep a tight hold on the Reins. When the fallen Trinity was still Residing in the Nothing as The True Trinity (The Father, The Mother and The Child) and Visited Grandmother (The Innocent Knowing) in The Eternal Nothing and Possessed the True Knowing, in fact Nothing could go wrong with this Happy Family. But everyone can very easily sense that it went Wrong. The reason of this was that The Father and The Mother in The Nothing, stopped visiting Grandmother because they thought, to Know It all much better than The Innocent Knowing. The Reason why they no longer wanted to Visit Grandmother was, that they didn't want to Listen to Grandmother's Advice, to be careful with What, How, but even more Importantly, with which ulterior motives they wanted to Create All Kinds of Things out of The Nothing. They started Creating the Fine Thin Matter (In-Between World) on their own and because of the Fall from The Nothing they Lost The True Knowing and They Themselves, together with the Entire Family (Father, Mother and Child), ended up in that In-Between World. There they only possessed the awareness of the knowledge of good and evil, but by no longer Listening to Grandmother (The Innocent Knowing), which is necessary to Keep The Knowing or Get it back again, they continued seeing and filling in the good and evil in their own way. So, to Get that True Knowing back, the True Will has to be present, in order to start Working at it under the Guidance of Grandmother.

There are plenty of confirmations, that many people in this world are being regarded as a god because of their talent or gift or those who see themselves as a god, like some big leaders, several bank managers, etc. This is in fact not so bad and true as well, because namely every human being is Deep inside himself, even the True God in The Nothing. But like we are gradually starting to Understand (See), if we would be Honest with our True Self (God), we no longer Listen to it and a different deity (the fallen Father and Mother gods in the In-Between World) inside yourself, has overtaken the Reins of your vehicle. There is said, that God has placed the conscience, which should possess the awareness of good and evil, inside the heart of man, but if you ask me, this awareness no longer works very well. In my eyes that can only be caused by the fact, that the fallen Father and Mother gods, after creating the Fine thin Matter (Inner Universe), ended up in the In-Between World and continued creating the outer universe. At a certain moment the earth was born out of this and subsequently they created a copy of Themselves, which became man. It's true that at that time the knowledge of good and evil was placed in man's heart, not by the True God in The Nothing, but by the fallen Father and Mother gods in the In-Between World. That's why the knowledge of good and evil in man, works under the regime of the fallen Father and Mother gods, how it suits Them best at that moment, which they let man carry out outwardly. In my eyes, the knowledge of good and evil was not placed in man's heart by the True God, but by the fallen Father and Mother gods, but now we Know, that you can also Listen to someone Else inside yourself, to Get the True Knowing back again!

Several times I spontaneously said to man: The conscience fools you and plays games with you. Up to now everybody has admitted this right away. That made me happy insofar, because this told me, that man still has The Knowledge somewhere, that the conscience is playing games with you. The Knowing, of these games of your conscience, is not placed in the heart of man but in the Deepest place in your Soul, by your inner Grandmother (The Innocent Knowing). An old friend of Tini's had told her at the time, after he had become acquainted with this: It's just as if I have always Known this and just like with man, who immediately admitted that the conscience is playing games with you, I was happy that the Awareness of The Knowing (Original God in The Nothing) is still Living inside man. What is important to Know with this, is that Knowing it doesn't automatically mean Being It and that's why you need to Get to Work to Become The Knowing again, to be able to say again one day: I Am and I can sing, Never saw a miracle (Curtis Stigers).

So you will have to, to Become that again which you once Were, Guided by Grandmother (The Innocent Knowing), Travel back to your True Home inwardly, from the In-Between World where the conscience is Living, to The Nothing where The Knowing of your Lost First True Eternal Love is Living. It's an Inner, Intergalactical Journey (Faith of the Heart-Russell Watson/Star Trek-Enterprise) and it will give you the opportunity to be able to Grasp at your “Unreachable” Star and let your Impossible Dream come true! You need a Good and Active Power of Imagination to be able to form an Image of this and to be able to Actually carry it out. You can even make use of the Black Holes in your inner Universe with the Courage of the True Hero, to quicken your Journey back Home. That means, doing things in the Name of Grandmother to get Home quicker to your Lost True Love, for which the brave one lacks the Courage (The impossible dream-Andy-Williams).
Warning: Always remain firmly on the ground with both feet and do not lose the True earthly Reality!

Grandmother will always support you with Her Good Power of Discernment with each Step, because of that you will start Hearing and Seeing the Issues better and better and you will be able to Distinguish the difference between good and evil More Clearly, without ulterior motives. By Actually carrying out the outcome of that decision, you will gradually Find Out and Understand better, what this all could mean for you personally and your True Self and the world around you. The Question and the Answer as to why the fallen god in heaven/hell (In-Between World), in the inner Universe of man, doesn't do anything about the confusion and the misery and evil in this world, lies within man Himself. This is the True Reason of the Original Game which here and now, by everyone individually, needs to be Finished. One cannot just play games, politically correct or not, because they are being directed by the conscience of the fallen Father and Mother god (higher self/ego), from the In-Between World inside Yourself. We have to Complete The inner Book (Redemption song-Bob Marley), that's just the way it is. Then you don't need to bite the dust and hurt your ego every time after you have played a sly game which went wrong due to a so-called “mistake”. Nowadays one often says as a peace-offering: I'm taking my responsibility and I leave or quit, but that is taking advantage of the True Meaning of the word Responsibility. You namely Really Take Responsibility by Responsibly carrying out your job and not playing games with that. If an innocent mistake would be made with this, you wouldn't have to quit and misuse the word responsibility. If you really Get to Work to Complete your inner Book, the Line of Reasoning about how you want to get your ego stroked will gradually be Transformed. The ego of the higher self, the Scar inside yourself from The Lion King, will then not only be stroked by for example doing “smart/sly” or “good” things, but more and more by just Being, who you Truly Are and by Acting accordingly. Until you Become The True Lion King/Queen again one day, who just does what needs to be done and who doesn't need that stroking anymore to survive.

That there is said: Jesus died for our sins and because of our believe and trust in the shed blood of Christ, for our sins, one obtains redemption and eternal life, is jumping to conclusions. That the Way back Home starts with Believing and Trusting in something is definitely true, but now hopefully, in your True God (Lost First True Eternal Love). With that your own Way back Home starts, which Jesus has made first and his Dying was symbolically Speaking, the Dying that was in his Way inwardly (inner Big Jihad/Holy Exertion), to be able to come back Home again. Because of that he got the Better of his emotions step by step, which were and are often used as excuses to cause confusion and misery and evil and at a certain moment he could Walk over his Soul Waters (emotions) and he could no longer Sink Into them. This was caused by the fact that he had Become the True Emotion and he no longer let himself get distracted by the emotional game of his fallen inner Father and Mother. This can only Become a Gift of yours again, by gaining Self-Knowledge, under the Guidance of your inner Grandmother (The Innocent Knowing), because She can support you with Her Good Power of Discernment, to let you come Home again, without misleading emotions coming to the surface. As soon as that Door is being Opened for you, the unification with your Lost First True Eternal Love takes place and the second Birth follows, during which you will get your Eternal Youth back again. Only then you can talk about having Received back the Eternal Life and the True Redemption and not just by believing and trusting in the shed blood of Christ for our sins, because that would be a little too easy and you Know that, if you just give it some Thought. A convincing catholic, who studied Theology at the Catholic Theological University of Amsterdam and worked as a pastor's assistant for seven years, responded shockingly as an interviewer in his show “Between Heaven and Earth”, when a guest told him, what the True Search Implied. Then he said: That seems like a devilishly tiring road and I am glad that by joining the church a part of it has been done already. He definitely didn't want to Believe, that it just isn't so simple, Getting Hold of True Redemption and Eternal Life in the True sense of the word. After having concluded this Well, the outer small jihad/holy struggle in your life will no longer have a fertile Meaning and by remaining Faithful to Grandmother, the inner Big Jihad/Holy Exertion will no longer cause any notable troubles. That is because you Know why you are Really here and because you have Become one Again with whom you Truly Are. The Causers of all the Misery, the fallen Father and Mother gods, are Transformed along to The Nothing after the Conversion and the Knowledge that it would have been better if they hadn't stopped Listening to Grandmother.

A child, that hasn't been told yet that there's a God, will see its father and mother as gods, who teach (raise) him or her what the difference is between good and evil. However the problem is, that its father and mother are inwardly also being directed by those fallen Father and Mother gods and they only teach their children these Learned lessons. That is because you're being overshadowed and distracted by the motives of your higher self/ego and those of this world. An iPhone/smartphone can definitely be a convenient item, but when I hear that young children, and elderlies as well confirm, that if you take their smartphone away, it's the same as taking their Soul away or the smartphone has become the replacement of their Soul, you know how things stand. If man, both young and old, would spend just as many time and energy on The True Game (inner, Intergalactical Journey), as he spends on his “smartphone” with playing games or playing the daily games with man, he could Receive the True Treasure (Holy Grail) one day! You will have to start The Original Game, if you have the Will and Interest to really Mean something with respect to the confusion and misery and evil inside yourself and in this world and on top of that you will be Rewarded Handsomely. For this you will need the Courage of the True Hero again, because this Strenuous Journey (inner Big Jihad) and the Place you Have to go to, is the Place the brave one doesn't dare to go to. The more people will start this Journey (People Get Ready-The Impressions) and Guided by Grandmother through the Silent Call start Listening to the True God (your First True Eternal Love), the easier it will become, because you are no longer on your own. So Take your Chance and Together start your individual inner Exodus (Bob Marley), from the In-Between World to your True Native Country to subsequently bring the New Heaven back to Earth. Don't be afraid that you lack the Courage to do this because everybody Possesses that Courage, otherwise it wouldn't have been Fair of Grandmother and that's why I can only say: Get Up, Stand Up and Vaya con Yaya.

If you're Open to start the Journey and to Bring About a True Change, first the inner Child in you will have to start Hearing the Silent Call of your Lost First True Eternal Love (One day in your life-Michael Jackson) and Hold on to that, to be able to Restore the Original Reason of being here. Because you are hearing Better, step by step, your attention will be Drawn to the True Knowing and how it Works again. The heart in the outer child that carries out on earth and the fallen soul in the In-Between World, where the inner Child lives, are still being Controlled by the conscience of your inner fallen Father and Mother at this moment, but if you, with the Courage of the True Hero Hold on to the Silent Call, your inner Grandmother will come to your Help. The only thing that Grandmother asks of your True Soulmate (inner Child), after you are certain that you really want to Bring About a Change for you and the world around you, is that you admit to Grandmother to have been a fool in order to Truly be able to start The Journey of The Fool. Inwardly a Revolution (inner Big Jihad) will arise between the inner Child and its Father and Mother (higher self/ego), which the outer child that carries out will of course feel as well. Subsequently the next step of your inner child will have to be, to talk to the heart of the outer child that carries out (you) (Someday Somewhere-Demis Roussos), to be able to Complete the Way back to your True Home Together.

Once you're Holding On to The Song of the Silent Call, try to not let go of it again (Releasing), because then you will become, after having said goodbye, Passing Strangers to each other and your True Love again. Subsequently you will start regarding an earthly passing stranger as your True Soulmate again. Then you haven't been Strong enough to Complete the inner, Holy Exertion/Big Jihad. In this case the higher self (inner fallen Father and Mother gods) has convinced you, that The Love you were Looking for, after having Heard the Silent Call, is only a finite game. That's why the powers in this world, ruled by their inner fallen Father and Mother gods (higher self), in history, have been trying to teach or impose on man, that the Story about your First True Eternal Love, is the forbidden Love and that you are much too young to ever Understand its True Meaning, let alone Fall in Love with it again. Would you still manage Becoming one again with your True Love one day, then you will Find Out, that it wasn't just a game but the Only True Game, out of which all fallen games were once Born.

In the Eyes of The True Father and The Mother God in The Nothing Originally all of us are Their Children, that's just the way it is and this is why Jesus said not for Nothing: Let the Children come to me, don't stop them, because the Kingdom of God (The True God in The Nothing and not in the In-Between World) belongs to who Is, just like Them. Of course here he was talking about The True Reached and Required Innocence of the inner Child, in man and which because of that, becomes Tangible and Visible for the outer human through the outer child that carries out. So for this call it's about those who have reached the True Innocence of the inner Child, because the Kingdom of God belongs to who Is, like They and The Door will be Opened, which has nothing to do with an earthly age. But never let someone “fool” you into believing that you are too young (Too Young-Nat King Cole), to be able to Fall in Love again with your Lost First True Eternal Love, who Opens Her/His Door again for you after Reaching the True Innocence, to give you the True Eternal Youth back. You, Your Lost First True Eternal Love and you yourself with your True Soulmate, are still Passing Strangers (Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan), because of the Denying of your fallen Father and Mother gods, but that doesn't need to last forever.

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok        In the name of Tini Largegarden

Secrets of the Mona Lisa - Andrew Graham-Dixo

On January 24th 2017 I saw your documentary about Mona Lisa, Ein lächelndes Rätsel (Secrets of the Mona Lisa) on the German channel Sat 1. I watched this documentary cheerfully, because here all the answers to the questions are given. The conclusion was, that behind the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa a mystery lies hidden and the questions that arise from that are of course:
Who is She Really, why does the painting Fascinate us so much and why was She painted?

1.  Leonardo da Vinci: Leonardo was the one who painted The Painting and it seems to have been one of the few works which he completely finished, but strangely enough never parted with. After all, androgynous Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci because She / He symbolically represents man's only True Lost First Eternal Love and who has to be found again in the Deepest place of the soul in the Nothing, where She / He still Lives and Waits for you. That's why Mona Lisa Fascinates us consciously or subconsciously, because She / He represents our only True Innocent Self and this is why She has become the most famous painting in the world. She is the True Holy Grail of which we Know, that everybody subconsciously or consciously wants to find It, but then you will have to start Looking for that Lost First True Eternal Love! Although many rich and influential people wanted to own one of Leonardo's paintings, it was said that he was too busy, but that he did accept an assignment to make a painting of the simple merchant's wife, Lisa del Giocondo, who apparently was just a girl from his street. Lisa del Giocondo wasn't a monarch or a famous historical figure, just like most of us, but Deep inside our souls, all of us are that androgynous Mona Lisa in the Louvre, symbolically speaking our Lost First True Eternal Love!

2.  Pascal Cotte: Thanks to Pascal Cotte, you discovered that the first version of the Mona Lisa you were looking for, but also the second and third versions, were hidden behind the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Here one can speak of scientific proof, which they really want to have, that the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, hidden in one painting, represents the way back to your Lost First True Eternal Love. I will tell you how I see the three hidden versions (Steps) back to your Lost First True Eternal Love:
A.  The first version with the bigger head represents the earthly human (Lisa del Giocondo), who has to start his or her inner Journey here and now, to one day be able to return in his or her original inner Home in the Nothing, where your Lost First True Eternal Love is Waiting for you.
B.  The second version with the removed crown and the 12 hairpins represents the inner fallen God / Goddess or the Higher self (ego) in Lisa del Giocondo (who represents man), who has to be conquered inside yourself and symbolically has to Die, to be able to transform again into your First True Eternal Love. Not until then will the Mona Lisa – (Nat King Cole) open the Door to your original Home again, so that your True Dream, the so-called The Impossible Dream - The Quest (Andy Williams), will not have to Die on the pavement in front of Her Door before or after your earthly death. (Listen to the songs!)
C.  The third version, the Shroud of Turin represents the Died inner fallen God / Goddess (Higher self, ego), which makes the transformation possible so that you are able to return again to the original Home of your Lost First True Eternal Love (Mona Lisa) and the Door will be opened!

The Mona Lisa in the Louvre (Your Lost First True Eternal Love) hides inside itself the whole life story of Jesus in three steps (versions) and that's why, although subconsciously, it Fascinates man!
He came, saw and conquered, but inwardly speaking and completed in the here and now!
A.  He came to earth as a human being.
B.  He saw, that something inside himself had to be conquered and Die to be able to return to his True Home, to be Reborn (Second Birth) out of the True inner Virgin (Mona Lisa), your Lost First True Eternal Love.
C.  With this he Conquered his earthly dying, by Completing this before his earthly death here and now.
Consequently something inside of him changed fundamentally, as a result of which he didn't have to die in an earthly manner again by getting back the True Eternal Youth or The Eternal Life.

3.  Elisabetha Lijera: Thanks to Elisabetha, you discovered that the Mona Lisa in the Louvre didn't represent a real Mortal person. No, because the real person in the shape of Lisa del Giocondo (man) had already disappeared behind the other two versions (steps), before the Mona Lisa was realized in the Louvre.
The conclusion was that the painting rather stands for an idealized woman, a posthumous portrait of a woman who had already died. The sash that Leonardo painted over her shoulder, according to Elisabetha stood for Venus, Purity, Chastity and Faithfulness and was a characteristic of a Goddess, who of course represents an idealized woman, but more Goddesses have been painted for whom that Fascination such as that for the Mona Lisa doesn't exist. So where does that Fascination throughout the world for the Mona Lisa come from? That Fascination is purely because androgynous Mona Lisa still Lives in the Deepest place in the souls of humans and Waits for your Homecoming. That's why man carries an inner Loneliness and Homesickness within him, that remains Tangible consciously or subconsciously, until the Door of your True Love gets opened again. Leonardo managed to accomplish it by himself to make that continuous intangible inexplicable inner Fascination in the form of Mona Lisa visible and Tangible. Posthumous or after death has more to do with the fact, that Mona Lisa only died in the ears and eyes of humans, because She / He once was Lost and Forgotten by man, therefore She is their True Lost Eternal Love.
In fact, we have become Passing Strangers - (Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan).

4.  Giuliano de Medici: Leonardo was commissioned by Giuliano to paint a posthumous portrait of a lost love, who had to be idealized as a Goddess. You could then think of Giuliano's wife, who died during the birth of their son or that Giuliano subconsciously / consciously meant his True Lost First Eternal Love. But just like Francesco del Giocondo, strangely enough, Leonardo didn't give Giuliano the painting. You could ask yourself why Leonardo never parted with the Mona Lisa. The only answer could be that it's actually a Self portrait, but not of the outer Leonardo, but of his inner androgynous Lost First True Eternal Love, which no one would part with. The outer reference by Leonardo of the inner androgyny of your True Lost Love is, that the whole world is arguing whether it was a woman or a man, who served as a model for the Mona Lisa.

Yes, the secret of Mona Lisa is the title of this documentary, but after seeing this documentary you can only conclude that She symbolically represents your Lost First True Eternal Love. The mysterious smile which was examined, shows that She is Happy for 97% and in my eyes the reason of this is that She still lives in the Deepest place of your soul in the Nothing. The reason why it's called an intangible smile is, that She smiles at you from a place which can hardly be reached if you don't start doing everything you can to be able to embrace your Lost First True Eternal Love again one day. Man generally doesn't start doing this because you have to deal with your inner fallen God / Goddess or the Higher self (ego), which wants to maintain its power and position. Outwardly, because your Lost First True Eternal Love is eternally seen as a danger to their preservation by the majority of the establishment and that's why it is being seen as and proclaimed by them as the forbidden love.
Mona Lisa – (Nat King Cole) I saw Her laugh more as a Silent Call toward the people, which man unfortunately no longer Hears, but one way or another, is Fascinated by. Her / His loneliness is that She / He Knows, that once you became a Passing Stranger to your Lost First True Eternal Love when you thought you knew better. And the ones who blame Her / Him for the mysterious strangeness in Her smile, which Leonardo realized so intangibly, are the inner fallen God / Goddess (Higher self, ego) inside man who have to be conquered, because they still think they know better. But it's True that She / He smiles at you to tempt you to return Home again and then your heart (Soul) will no longer be broken and feel Lonely. That means, if you get the Door of your original Home opened again. She possesses the Warmth of the inner Sun and has the Authenticity of The Nothing, where everything of the something once came into being. So, not just a cold and lonely lovely work of art! She remains intangible for most people because She lives in a Place, where most people are simply not looking for their love (True Soul mate, Love) and which isn't so easy to find because of Blindness and Deafness, as long as it lasts. It's nearer than hands and feet and you could say: I have It, but I am not It yet. That is why you cannot Truly say yet: I Am.
At the end of the documentary you say that Leonardo created a Work of Art with this Portrait that surpassed all other portraits and with that in my eyes he symbolically painted The Portrait of everyone's First True Lost Eternal Love. That's why I can't understand why you still close with the big question: Who is She?

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok        In the name of Tini Largegarden