I'm glad that I always remained Faithful to Grandmother and through this became a True inner Cook,
who can serve you the inner Meals on a funny, interesting, tasty but also in a spicy manner.
That's why Tini has asked me to take care of the affairs and other things that have to do with the book
and give answers to the questions people can have.

Kind regards, Gijs Klok

Intermediary between your conscience and your Innocent Knowing

Without plate and cutlery, although all, after speaking a saturated leaving

This service could initially come across as strange, but quickly after the first inner Meal you will probably react in the same way as Tini's old friend did: “It's just as if I have always Known this!”. That everyone has always Known this isn't strange, because people not only have a conscience, but The Knowing and The Innocent Knowing (Inner Grandmother) as well.

To be able to function here and now, one should eat and you'll do so according to a meal and taste of your choice. One person prefers hearty, while someone else likes sweet, tart, bitter or spicy. The same goes for the inner Food. With me you can get the inner Food served in all kinds of tastes. It's actually just like eating at a regular restaurant. It's up to you to let the offered inner Food Digest slowly and extract a Different kind of Energy from it. Because of this Energy, you'll be able to Hear, See, Understand and Know better than your conscience has once Known.

You know that, after you have consumed a meal, a good or bad taste or even a burning sensation can stay behind. You are relieved or happy when the unpleasant taste or the uncomfortable feeling disappears. You might experience the same sensations while consuming the inner Food. It's my goal to make sure, after you have Consumed and Digested the inner Food, a relieved and Satisfied feeling will stay behind for you and subsequently you will start to get a better Understanding of who you really Are and Knowing what you're actually doing here.

Getting served this inner Food, in order to be left with a Satisfied feeling inwardly, is of all times. However, to involve your inner Grandmother to Restore the Knowing which you have once Known, I myself had never heard of before, before meeting Tini. When at a certain moment, with the Courage of the True Hero, through your True Soulmate (inner Child) you will Visit Her (Grandmother) again, you will no longer need me. From that moment on She will namely Cook the inner Food for you to Restore which was once Lost:
Your First Eternal Love.

I can put you on your Way, just like Tini has put me on my Way, so that in the future you can do this yourself. For everyone, eventually everything leads to the same Place in the Deepest Core of your Soul: Your First Eternal Love. Feel free to drop by to Taste the Meals without Fear. It's possible for the interested Connoisseurs, on acquaintance, to order an Appetizer which won't be very heavy on the Stomach. If you have the Courage to visit me, you'll be given one hour to consume the Appetizer. You'll then experience that it penetrates your Deepest taste buds and will result in a better Understanding of the conscience.

Inner Meals prepared by Gijs Klok

Preparation: In a relaxed atmosphere, through a nice, light, funny, interesting, deep or very Deep conversation gaining a Deeper Insight.

You ask, I Prepare, You Digest and Learn

Menu options:
A) The conscience, The Knowing and The Innocent Knowing
B) Gaining a better Understanding of the conscience
C) Inner Loneliness (Growling inner Belly)
D) More and more singles, but a great many Singles (inner Passing Strangers)
E) A Freely chosen Meal

You ask, I Prepare, You Digest and Learn

It's also possible to pick out a beloved song.
I will then Translate it in an inner (vertical) way so that You will be able to Hear, See and Understand the meaning, which is hidden in the song, in a Different way. While you're occupied with consuming your Meal it's possible to simultaneously involve Your favorite song.

Vaya con Yaya, Gijs Klok     In the name of Tini Largegarden