How I Heard It, Lived, Saw and Became again


What someone is doing here and who he or she really Is, are the questions it's all about for man here and now and therefore the True Name of the Game is, to find It again here.

To be able to find It again here, it's a requirement to get the inner Door of your True First and Eternal Love opened again one day to be able to celebrate the inner Wedding together with It in The Nothing, and because of that be able to Really become Whole again.
Not until then you'll Know who you Are and you'll be able to say: I Am.

To be Really able to say again one day: I Am, you'll have to remain a golden boy or girl who practices as good as possible and with each step in your life on your way to your inner Wedding, with the Courage of the True hero and with the help of The Grandmother, to be allowed to receive the True inner Gold after The Wedding.




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